Can I Power Wash My Own House?

You can power wash your own house by renting equipment at your local hardware store for $35 to $100 per day. DIY pressure washing comes with potential hazards, however:

  • Property damage due to pressure that is too powerful or a stream too hot (or done improperly!).
  • Physical harm because of improper use of the equipment.
  • Bad / broken equipment that doesn’t clean reliably.

Dangers of DIY power washing:

  • Stripped paint.
  • Shredded window screens.
  • Loose and dented vinyl siding.
  • Loose brickwork from cut mortar.
  • Damaged seals on windows, resulting in clouding and water damage.
  • Splintered or cracked wood.
  • Algae, mold, and mildew growth from water build-up beneath the siding.

While you may save some money trying to wash the property on your own, it may be worth the extra to ensure it’s done properly the first time – and no one gets hurt!

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